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Neopets Assistant - Important Information
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Posted: 27/4/2008 12:48:35 PM

The Neopets Assistant was created by a friend of a user of the site, Dave when we were chatting one night about the problems we'd been having running the 'Neopets Toolbar' in IE7, in Vista, and on 64bit computers.

He suggested the idea of a Vista sidebar gadget, and as it would be in the sidebar all the time, that he could use it to display the active pet.

He also said that if anyone can come up with any ideas for how to improve the gadget he'd make new versions (you can make suggestions here), and that if anyone in TNT had any problems with the gadget, he'd happily talk to them about resolving any issues.

There are some important things, that he thought we should make clear:
1. Neopets Assistant in no way stores your account details, it uses your currently logged in session.
2. Running the Neopets Assistant will not allow you to cheat in any way.
3. Neopets Assistant checks only the alert url, and the front page of neopets, and therefore will never generate random events.

You can download and find installation instructions here.

If you need any help at all, don't be afraid to post a message in the Help forum.

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