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Posted by kazz at 4/5/2008 1:50:48 PM         

    Dailies: Nothing
    Scorchy Slots: Nothing
    Dice-A-Roo: 2xVanilla Milkshake, Beef and Veg Baby Food, Strawberries and Cream Baby Food, Lemon Meringue Baby Food, Apple Juice, Chocopie Slice, 2xCoco Neocrunch, Deli Turkey Slices, Orange Chicken, 2xDirt Pie, Garlic Bread Halves, Green Grapes
    Random Events: Zei Codestone
    Stock Portfolio: Overall -6.56%, Highest stock +86.67%


    Maths Nightmare: 3k
    Kass Basher: 3k
    Stowaway Sting: 3k
    Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars: 3k
    Attack of the Revenge: 3k
    Ghost Bopper: 3k
    Fashion Fever: 900
    The Buzzer Game: 3k
    Attack of the Marblemen: 3k
    Berry Bash: 3k
    Typing Terror: 3k
    Moon Rock Rampage: 6k
    Shenkuu Warrior: 3k
    Imperial Exam: 3k

    The high stock went up and I got to sell :)

    Stocks: 15k
    Banked: 90k

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